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DARE LA LUCE AL ROVO (English Version)


I' Rovo has been operating since February 7, 2015 in via del Guarlone, South Florence. I' Rovo is a squatted and totally self-managed farm located in a public owned estate abandoned and decayed since 20 years or so; we've called it this way, I' Rovo (The Brier), because there wasn't anything but briers when we've taken it. A jungle overgrown with weeds, uncared-for olive trees, a no man's land totally left to drug dealers.

I' Rovo squat originates from a dream: the dream of a land without masters. A dream totally opposite to capitalist exploitation, and so we've set to work since the very first day. As I' Rovo originated and developed from the experiences and activities of a neighborhood collective, it has always tried to establish a direct connection between the population and free production independent from the capitalist “market”. Meanwhile, I' Rovo has also turned into a social and reception space, getting a whole area out of the clutches of drug dealers and criminals, though with several and serious difficulties. Throughout its activity, I' Rovo has been organizing initiatives, solidarity performances, showings, games and amusements.

A land without masters, a dream, a social space. Well yes: but without electricity.

I' Rovo is a squatted area, so it hasn't the right of being connected to the electric network, not even with a regular contract, according to the laws and regulations in force in the Italian state. At present, the old farmhouse located in the Rovo area -a free social space we found in awful conditions and that we have cleaned and renovated with our hands- is provided only with one solar panel running a battery system and only giving basic lighting, which has been bought and installed by the squatters. So, also electricity is self-produced there. Nothing else. No fridge, no sockets, nothing. You can easily understand that even farming works are almost impossible in this situation: just think to the lack of any watering system.

Getting a complete, self-produced solar panel and battery-run electric system costs about 3,500. This plant would allow I' Rovo to become both a full-fledged urban farming squat and a social space truly available to all those who don't want anymore to accept capitalism's logic and praxis. Capitalism is barbarism, and barbarism means also eliminating any possibility of developing effective alternatives.

We're going to organize in the next months a sensitization campaign with several initiatives and performances of various kinds in order to raise the funds necessary to buy and install a complete electric system with solar panels and batteries. You don't give us the light? We'll do everything by ourselves. But we need your help this time.

You may come and visit I' Rovo whenever you want. Come and look with your own eyes, whether you already know I' Rovo even by hearsay or you've never heard anything about it. Whether you totally share our motivations and actions, or you aren't that much persuaded. Whether there's militancy in your past or present lifestory, or you've never thought about it. Whether you are young or aged, we're here to show, explain and tell you about anything you want (in English, too).


I' Rovo is located in via del Guarlone 25, just before the crossing with Stradone di Rovezzano.
Take ATAF Bus n. 20 and get off at via Comparetti terminus, then walk just 300 m.
Or by train, get off at FS station Firenze Rovezzano and use the pedestrian subway.
For further information, you may also call us at nr (39) 33 88 61 90 29.

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